ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback design

The Rapid Spaceback delivers a new design style for the ŠKODA brand, offering a refreshing and visually attractive configuration. The radiator grille is a fixed part of the front fascia and therefore does not rise with the hood. Above the chrome frame of the grille, the ŠKODA logo stands out perfectly. The headlamps are integrated into the grille, creating a unified design unit that optically expands the vehicle. Likewise, the spoiler, with its integrated fog lamps, contributes to the perception of robustness and width.

From the side, the Rapid impresses with its elegant clean surfaces and dynamic lines that, at the same time, highlight the car's compactness.

The perfect functionality of the design is also reflected in the shape of the rear doors, which offer generous entry space upon opening. Dynamics and robustness emanate from the vehicle even when it is viewed from the rear. There is remarkable detail in the broken surfaces, which create space for the registration plate. The ŠKODA name is inscribed on the back. The dynamic appearance of the vehicle is rounded off by two-tone exterior mirrors housings.​

ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback with the Style Package

While the main advantages of ŠKODA cars have thus far been tucked away in the interior, the Rapid Spaceback offers you the opportunity to change this rule. ŠKODA AUTO’s designers have unleashed their imagination and prepared a superb looking Style Package for this great car.

The combination of the tinted panoramic glass roof and tailgate with glazing extended to the number plate creates a spectacular strip of glass along the top of the car. It not only looks fantastic, but also lets daylight into the interior, forming a truly airy, optically even larger environment. If necessary, the roof can be covered with a roller blind from the inside.

The Style Package includes a black-painted tailgate spoiler, tinted light clusters, black-painted outside rearview mirrors and black front fog lamps. The Style Package gives the Rapid Spaceback a unique, top-notch appearance.

ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback xenon headlamps and fog lamps with Corner function

The Rapid Spaceback's xenon headlamps with daytime running lights illuminate the road better than halogen lamps and are attractive with their distinctive design.

The fog lamps with Corner function located on the edges of the front fender spoiler offer two options for use. They serve as classic fog lamps, but at night they can also illuminate the area where you want to turn, so they help to identify otherwise hard-to-see obstacles, like kerbs.

The Corner function can be activated at speeds up to 40 km/h, with the fog lamps off. With this feature, the right or left lamp lights up depending on which direction you turn the steering wheel or is activated by the turn indicator.​

Seats and “Simply Clever” details of the ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback All the seats in the Rapid Spaceback are pleasantly firm. The front seats have exaggerated side sculpting that reliably holds the driver and passenger in place when cornering. The outer rear seats are also distinctly anatomically moulded for maximum comfort of the two passengers. If necessary, however, enough space can be found in the back for three people.

In our offering, there are front sport seats in two-colour varieties, which not only perfectly accompany a dynamic driving style but also add a sporting quality to the interior.

Storage pockets placed on the inner sides of the front seats of the Rapid Spaceback offer a “Simply Clever” detail that increases the practicality of the vehicle. These pockets offer ideal storage space for mobile phones, an iPod or keys.

The “simply clever” details can be found under the front passenger seat. Here you can find a special pocket with an emergency vest, immediately within reach when needed.
ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback dashboard

​To make you feel as home as possible inside the Rapid Spaceback, you can also choose the colour scheme of the dashboard. The upper part is always matte black to limit its reflection in the front glass, but the lower part, depending on the trim level, can be grey, beige or black. From the Ambition trim level up, these three combinations are accompanied by decorative strips in one of four options: Graphite Metallic, Silver Brushed, Piano White and Piano Black. Trim is also included in the steering wheel.

ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback multifunctional leather steering wheel The Rapid Spaceback's range of equipment includes a new generation of 3-spoke steering wheels with trim. The most attractive variation is the multifunctional leather steering wheel with radio controls and telephone. The steering wheel trim matches the dashboard trim. Most steering wheels incorporate chrome features.
ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback multimedia compartment

​The multimedia compartment in the Rapid Spaceback's centre console creates a safe place to transport small devices such as an iPod or mobile telephone.​