Bi-xenon headlamps with LED day light function Whether looking at the bi-xenon headlamps with LED day light function from a functional or a design perspective they always will represent the best choice. They have outstanding luminescence plus thanks to the AFS (Adaptive Frontlight System) function they can easily adapt to various driving conditions.

The new LED day light function diodes are perceived as an uninterrupted ray of light. Thanks to these LED day light function diodes you car will be much more visible for other drivers plus they further enhance the technical maturity of your car. 

Similarly as any other type of front headlamps designated for the new Octavia the bi-xenon headlamps with LED day light function can be easily combined with “Intelligent Light Assistant” (see Assistant Systems).
Design ŠKODA Octavia

The new ŠKODA design language is clear, precise and crystallic. It give the car harmonious proportions, high functionality and timelessness. The chrome framed grill that thanks to its shape makes the new ŠKODA logo stand out rules the fore of the car. The grill is connected with the main headlamps with the characteristic crank in their lower parts. The placement of individual elements in the fore and their shapes and further enhance the charisma of the car and its sporty esprit.

The balanced design of the new Octavia will stand out when viewed from the side, where dynamics, elegance and a sense of practicality found a mutual language. The silhouette tells you that the car offers exceptional spaciousness for passengers and their luggage. The sharp edge that runs from the front headlamps to the rear headlamps emphasizes the breadth of the car, and it neatly divides it into two parts (the upper lighted part and the bottom part that is in shade).

Equally appealing is the car when viewed from behind, where it attracts you with its very clean design. While the massive bumper evokes a sense of security, the large fifth door highlights the practicality and the easy access to the luggage compartment. At the rear you will discover other elements typical for new ŠKODA models: the new logo, the ŠKODA inscription, the model name, and the crystallized beadings (curves) defining the space for the number plate.

Ice Scraper in the lid of the ŠKODA Octavia fuel tank

With the new Octavia, you can also look forward to various "simply clever" solutions. For example, you will no longer have to search through all compartments in your car when looking for an ice scraper, or even use a credit card. Ice scraper is located in the lid of the fuel tank, and at your hand whenever you will need it.​

Keyless unlocking, locking and start of the ŠKODA Octavia

Under the KESSY abbreviation (Keyless Entry, Start and exit SYstem) your new Octavia offers you the possibility of keyless car operation. This means not only unlocking or lock the door. In a car equipped with the KESSY system it is possible with the use of the Start/Stop button on the dashboard to start the car as well as turn the engine off.​

ŠKODA Octavia Engines

With respect to the environment we offer you majority of the engines in Green tec versions, which means that they are standard equipped with a start-stop system and brake energy recovery. (The Start-Stop System efficiently saves fuel by automatically shutting off the engine whenever its operation is unnecessary, such as when waiting at traffic lights, etc. The Brake Energy Recovery allows the use of kinetic energy to recharge the car's battery.)

Petrol engines are represented by four-cylinder 1.2 TSI/63 kW or 1.2 TSI/77 kW Green tec, as well as 1.4 TSI/103 kW Green tec and highly efficient 1.8 TSI/132 kW Green tec engines. The 1.2 and 1.4 engines are completely newly developed; the 1.8 engine is an innovated version of its forerunner that represents ion of TSI technologies. Apart from others, the key advantages of all of the above listed engines are lower weight, fuel consumption and a reduction of CO2 emissions.

Diesel engines are represented by four-cylinder 1.6 TDI CR DPF/66 kW or 1.6 TDI CR DPF/77 kW Green tec and top-class two liter 2.0 TDI CR DPF/110 kW Green tec engines. The complete range of diesel engines is thoroughly new, and can be distinguished by higher performance, refined operation, lower consumption and over 45 % lower emissions noxious gasses.

ŠKODA Octavia Assistant Systems

- Crew Protect Assistant – proactive protection of passengers in crisis situations pulls safety belts of the driver and the co-driver, closes electrically controlled front windows and possibly closes the panoramic roof.  
- Driver Activity Assistant - fatigue detection function can register changes in driving corresponding to a tired driver’s behavior (e.g., intensive correction of the direction of the steering wheel). In case of such occurrences it will recommend you to take a break.
- Front Assistant warns from a risk of collision, and possibly via braking action it will minimize its outcomes.
- Adaptive Cruise Assistant offers next to basic cruise control function as well as automatic keeping distance from cars in front of you.
- Lane Assistant is a system that keeps the car in its line. It help to avert impending accident, for example, in the case of micro-sleeps.
- Intelligent Light Assistant automatically turns the beams off and on according to the current traffic situation.
- Traffic sign recognition is a result of cooperation between the multi-functional camera and the Columbus GPS. This assistant forms one of the parts of the Traveler Assistant packet, and apart from other functions it will also help you not to miss the commencement and the end of speed limit zones, etc.

ŠKODA Octavia Multimedia Information System

The basis of the multimedia information system is formed by radio and navigation; variety of other options and features vary based on different levels of equipment.

The multimedia information system is ready to communicate with your mobile phone via Bluetooth or USB cable.

Under the familiar names as Blues, Swing and Bolero we bring completely new "infotainment radio" with expandable menu and functions. Likewise new are navigation systems so far known as Amundsen + or Columbus. Through all these devices you can now controlled the car setup (Car Menu).

From now you can experience a completely new unique quality of music and spoken word thanks to the new Sound System, which is set to perfectly fit the space of the Octavia. The Sound System includes eight speakers in the doors, center speaker, subwoofer and digital amplifier with a ten-channel output of the overall performance of 570 W.