When asphalt turns to dust…

​Armoured with all-round protective details, the ŠKODA Fabia Combi ScoutLine immediately announces its fearlessness. The reinforced front and rear wheel arches, spoilers and door sills act as a buffer against nature’s mood swings and unpredictable daily commutes.


Thanks to the cooling box from the ŠKODA Original Accessories range you can always have cold drinks, fruit, snacks or anything that revives you on hand in your car. Fine-tune the interior of your vehicle with a decorative foil, which can carry any motive you can think of.

Stainless steel pedal covers fitted with rubber inserts to stop the driver’s foot from slipping even in the most complex of driving manoeuvres lend extra emphasis to the distinguished interior.

The rubber tunnel mat is a smart solution that stops exposed parts of your ScoutLine’s interior from becoming scuffed or soiled. The rubber foot mats guarantee that the interior will be protected from dirt, no matter how extreme the conditions. With a plastic boot dish you can be sure that the interior will not be dirtier than need be.

Roof racks, holders and boxes

If you’re going on a cycling holiday, our car rooftop bicycle carrier is ideal, delivering maximum safety and efficiency. The ŠKODA Genuine Accessories luggage basket is perfect for transporting bulky loads on the roof of the ScoutLine that you would otherwise find hard to fit inside. The aerodynamic roof box designed for skiing equipment will expand your car’s transport options without diminishing its stability.