The CNG-powered version is equipped with two CNG tanks, engine modifications, automatic switching between the two fuel systems, Start-Stop system, regenerative braking, and special tyres. The 1-litre 3-cylinder runs primarily on CNG. Its operation and range is enhanced by 10-litre petrol fuel tank. The Citigo CNG consumes mere 4.4 m3 (or 2.9 kg) CNG/100 km and produces 79 g/km of CO2 emissions (25 % less than a petrol engine).


The Compressed Natural Gas is not only environmentally and budget-friendly. When driving a CNG car, you will also benefit from quieter and smoother engine operation. CNG is as safe as petrol and diesel. Or even safer thanks to the tanks with safety valve. CNG is lighter than air and it rapidly diffuses in an open area. There are more than 22,000 CNG filling stations around the world (around 4,000 across Europe) available to the public.
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