Playful ŠKODA

Kids today are more tech savvy than you ever were. But what remains timeless is their hunger for curiosity and love for cars. Now they can find it all right on your smart phone or tablet. We have created five game apps that will fuel your child’s imagination and keep them entertained for at least as long as the battery lasts.


You are in a labyrinth of cars and you must find a way out. But to do that, you must first get rid of all other obstacles in your way.


It’s right to be right. You are at an intersection and you move the cars in a way that the one on the right always has the right of way.

Yeti Uphill Skiing

Jump into your skis and hold to a Yeti as it pulls you up the hill. Avoid the obstacles on the way by turning left or right or simply jumping over them.

Praktik Man

​Praktik Man has a task and only you can stop him from running in circles. Navigate him to put the right items into the right car.