Active safety

Preventing accident is the best policy for road safety. The active safety of ŠKODA cars start with well-balanced handling or great brakes, and continue with a host of electronic systems. ABS, MBA and HBA help you get the most of your brakes, while ESP and EDC prevent you from losing control on slippery surface. And with AFS, you can see around corners. Still not impressed? What about Front assist, watching the situation in front of you and braking if needed? Or Lane assist, keeping you in your lane?

Passive safety

Some accidents cannot be avoided, so we design our cars to protect the passengers in an event of crash. With tough safety cell around the cabin and crumple zones in front and rear, the impact energy is absorbed by the car itself. The crew is also protected by up to nine airbags and seatbelts with pyrotechnic pretensioners. For children, we’ve installed Isofix car seat anchoring point into all our cars. The effect of our efforts is clearly visible in the highest five-star scoring in the EuroNCAP testing.