Green technologies

There is more behind the ŠKODA cars’ excellent fuel economy and CO2 emissions than just advanced turbocharged, direct injected engines. To achieve best results, we employ host of other cutting edge technologies that help you reduce the impact of your commute on both your wallet and environment.

Idling engine is wasteful. With reinforced starter and clever electronics to manage things, this system stops the engine each time the car comes to a halt to save up to 0.9 l/100km.

Brake energy recovery
Increasing the alternator output during engine braking and lowering it when the power is needed makes it possible to save energy that would otherwise be uselessly turned to heat.

Gear recommendation
To make best use of modern engines, it is important to choose the right gears at the right time. This feature will show hints on the multifunction display in the instrument panel.

Tweaks like underside covers, modified front ends, spoilers or lowered suspensions help overcome aerodynamic drag.

Low rolling resistance tyres
Our green cars use modern low rolling resistance tyres that reduce fuel consumption, but stay satisfying in terms of traction, handling and braking.