Green Cars


A perfect choice for frugal, environmentally responsible driver. Effective engines and a range of fuel saving technologies, like brake energy recovery, start-stop system or low rolling resistance tyres help both your wallet and environment.

Fabia GreenLine/Fabia Combi GreenLine
One of the most frugal ways of personal transportation, as proven by the record drive of Gerhard Plattner, who have driven 2006 km on one tank, with the average fuel consumption of 2.21l/100km.

Roomster GreenLine
Transport capabilities of family MPV and fuel economy competing with most efficient hybrids. That’s the Roomster GreenLine with 1.2 TDI CR engine.

Octavia GreenLine/Octavia Combi GreenLine
This popular family car is also available in super efficient GreenLine version. With the 1.6 TDI/77 kW engine, it can achieve 3.8l/100km without sacrificing practicality or comfort.

Yeti GreenLine
Even SUV’s can be economical and environmentally friendly, and the Yeti GreenLine with fuel consumption of 4.6 l/100km and CO2 emissions of 119 g/km is a proof of that.

Superb GreenLine/Superb Combi GreenLine
Enjoy the limousine comfort with small car consumption. With Superb GreenLine, powered by 1.6 TDI CR/77 kW engine, you can be frugal without sacrificing comfort.

Green tec

​Do you want to save fuel and emit less greenhouse gasses without forfeiting the luxuries of ample specification or powerful engines? ŠKODA Green tec cars are exactly what you need, adding fuel saving technologies, like brake energy recovery or start-stop system, to powerful engines and luxury equipment. Green tec package can be ordered on all ŠKODA models.

Octavia Green E Line

​As a first ŠKODA vehicle with pure electric drivetrain, Octavia Green E Line represent company’s outlook into the future. The main goal of the ten prototypes is to gather real world data for use in development of new technologies, including plug-in hybrids.