Fuel Saving Tips

ŠKODA cars are designed to be extremely efficient, but the real world fuel economy is still in the hands of the driver. Here are some tips to maximize your car’s potential:

1. Drive smooth. Lot of braking and acceleration leads to high fuel consumption.

2. Look ahead. React in advance to traffic situation. Coasting car uses no fuel.

3. Engine brake. Make use of your braking energy recovery system.

4. Rev low. High engine speeds mean lots of resistance and friction losses.

5. Travel light. Weight slows you down and costs you fuel. Unload unnecessary stuff.

6. Navigate. Getting lost or stuck in traffic costs you time and money. Use navigation.

7. Slow down. Fast will save only a few minutes, but will cost lots of fuel.

8. Take care. A car only performs at its best when properly maintained.

9. Switch off. Idling is wasteful. A start-stop system will help you avoid it.

10. Use slipstream. Driving behind cars or trucks will reduce aerodynamic drag.